no_compromise-300x200Years ago, a Christian singer by the name of Keith Green wrote a song entitled, “I Make My Life a Prayer to You.” In that song, he writes, “Make my life a prayer to You, I wanna do what You want me to, No empty words and no white lies, No token prayers no compromise.” At the heart of Green’s song and ministry was a desire to see followers of Jesus committed and living according to God’s Word. No Compromise Ministries (NCMIN) shares the desire of Keith Green and many others who long to see Christians grow deeper in their faith and abandon the shallowness that pervades so much of modern Christianity.

The mission of NCMIN is to provide biblical resources for equipping the broader Christian community to make disciples while engaging the culture in a Christ-like manner. Our vision is to see the Christian community well-equipped to think, discuss, and articulate their faith while growing in a deeper relationship with God through Christ.

The purpose of this website is to provide an online outlet for biblical resources that accords with NCMIN’s mission and vision. This website contains thoughts about God, life, and ministry. This website reflects the convictions of NCMIN and should not be understood to represent the views of anyone else unless otherwise noted.